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For all the latest, attention-worthy news concerning Motley Brew and the vaping industry, this is the place to get it. We prefer to keep life interesting, and we're always up to something... Whether it's about rad Motley Brew events, new retailers, industry headlines, product info, cool happenings, or important advancements, you're going to hear about it from us!

With vaping being such a hot topic, and so much going on in terms of debates, regulations, popularity, and controversies, what better place to get the news than from the industry itself?

Motley Brew News

MotleyBrew News

December 21, 2014

Inside South Florida with VaporFi

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Industry news

"Is it time to consider electronic cigarettes, which resemble the real thing but are tobacco-free, battery-operated devices that vaporize nicotine solutions"

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"Let's get one thing straight: Users of electronic cigarettes, they insist, do not smoke. They "vape," which is short for "use battery-powered nicotine vaporizers." And although the swirl of white fog or vapor they exhale looks like smoke, it's not the same as the smelly, carcinogenic by-product of burning analog cigarettes. Therefore, they say, the activity shouldn't fall under anti-smoking bans."

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"Booming electronic cigarette sales in the U.S. will more than double this year, hitting $1.7 billion, a top tobacco analyst predicts."

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