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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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GREAT liquids. Best of the best, and very much on point with their whole “crafty” feel. I like the concept, and I can definitely taste a big difference between these and the majority of other types of nicotine e-juice out there. Flavors are interesting, diverse, clean, and smooth; you can tell these were really well tested before release! If you are serious about only vaping with top quality, you've gotta try these; I couldn't recommend them higher.

Maggie Z. - Des Moines, IA

Rock on, Motley Brew! I've tried more than my fair share of e-juice, I'm definitely a little more than obsessed with this culture, and love trying new varieties. I will say that what these guys are doing is awesome, and the taste comes out so powerful, yet so pure. I know I never tasted liquids like these before. The craft-brewed nicotine liquid concept is really unique, and creates intense vapor, that hits like nothing else. Two thumbs all the way up- I've now experienced the best.

Stephanie S. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Simply. Epic. I've been vaping for years, and have experimented with just about everything. It takes a lot to impress me, and I am totally mind-blown by Motley Brew's juice. They are fierce about standards and you can taste it. Don't believe me? Try for yourself! Great performing liquid, and the taste is unreal.

David L. - New York, NY

I feel almost like I'm giving away a secret talking about how much I am digging on the whole line of Motley Brew liquids. They really get it! Most other brands don't; they go for quantity over quality, but they miss the point entirely. These were definitely created for the hardcore vapers among us, and I know I personally want only the best. There's a big difference in the performance and results when using liquids that are made of top ingredients. I really like the quality control these guys have in place too - it shows how dedicated they are to making the best.

Tim S. - Green Bay, WI

I have to say, this brand knocks it out of the park. I am crazy about these juices, and can attest to the great vapor clouds I get, and the smooth, banging hits! The artisan-hand-crafted attention to detail produces strong, rich flavors! They have standards in place I didn't know existed, plus the quality of the ingredients, like the clean Malaysian-palm glycerin, everything being Kosher and inhalation-grade, it's fantastic!

Martin S. - Riverside, CA

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